Jeta Logo Designer 1.2

Logo designer that gives you a large database of icons and templates

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    Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    6.9 (35)

Jeta Logo Designer is a simple program that allows users to create logos for a business or other purposes. This program is not a fully featured painting or graphic design application. The features available are limited in the free version although more options are present in the business version. The program is fast to download and install. Installation is straightforward and does not include any hidden spyware or system changes.

Jeta Logo Designer uses a clean interface with large buttons and few extra options. The interface is a welcome change from some other types of design and paint programs that fill the screen with innumerable windows and options. The interface has a canvas in the center used to create and edit logos. There is a color picker on the right and a shape selection box on the left. There are three simple menus at the top for saving projects, editing and getting help. A floating editing box has six options available that allow users to change colors, apply style effects and add text to the logo. Individual option boxes pop up occasionally to give users advanced editing features for specific tools.

Starting Jeta Logo Designer brings up a window full of templates. The templates include full color text and images in pre-designed logos. There are a few hundred templates available. Users can also choose to skip the templates and start with a blank canvas. The program uses vector-based graphics for everything. This means the logos can be scaled up or down as needed without losing any quality. Users can select the individual shapes and text in each template. Many things can be changed from the arrangement of the items to the individual colors.

The editing features are simple to use and powerful. Users can select solid colors or customized gradients to form sharp images. All of the fonts installed on a system are accessible through Jeta Logo Designer. Text can be warped, arched or wrapped around a circle. The vector-based graphics make it easy to move everyone around the logo by simply dragging items to a new position. The style option allows users to add outlines, embossing or reflections inside or outside of the graphics and text. All of the filters show a real-time preview so that users can adjust the settings to get the best results.

New logos are created using the shape selection menu. This is a window where users can choose from nearly 1,000 different shapes. Unfortunately, the shapes cannot be customized or changed. Some are simple while others are seemingly random collections of points. The shapes make it possible to create a certain type of logo. They are limiting, however, especially since simple shapes such as rectangles cannot be adjusted. Jeta Logo Designer is a simple way to create logos fast although it lacks advanced features serious graphic designers would want.


  • Simple tools and interface
  • Many templates and shapes available
  • Create logos fast


  • No way to create custom shapes
  • Lack of advanced editing and design features
  • Cannot export to popular vector graphics formats

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